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Hey brother, I would be most interested in A Man Falls in the Woods, then Kiss Me I’m His, then I Know You Are But Who Am I?

More to come in our next conversation!

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Love the log line!

Since you solicited our comments on titles, there were two that caught my eye in your list:

(1) Plummeting toward Myranda and

(2) Kiss me I'm His

I also like the one you have right now, A Man Falls in the Woods.

#1, #2, #6, #7, and #8 seem like a no, but any of #3 #4 or #5 would be great.

Plummeting Toward Myranda has a Vonnegutish feel to me though not sure why.

There is no other novel that has the word Plummeting in its title. So that's interesting.

Kiss Me I'm His seems like a film noir title and I love that one too even if yours isn't noir.

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